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Jobs at Gearhouse

Gearhouse is hiring and we'd love for you to join our team! Learn about open roles below.


If you don't see something you're interested in but have ideas on how you could help, send an email with your ideas to

Shop Assistant

Eagerly waiting for your application . . 
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Our Purpose

Welcome to Gearhouse! Started in September 2021, we’re on a mission to increase equitable access to the outdoors and reduce our planet-killing consumption habits by providing an alternative path to gear ownership. We believe that rental doesn’t have to suck, and with the right community, good expertise, and convenient and premium gear access, we can share what we love and get more people outside safely—without having folks break the bank or sacrifice for low quality gear. 


We’re dedicated to breaking down the barriers to entry that intimidate new adventurers by encouraging peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and providing opportunities to find new adventure partners and try new activities. We aim to introduce and develop a love of the outdoors for those new to exploring while also providing opportunities and paths for those already dabbling to develop more skills and expand their limits.


The Job

Gearhouse is looking for an outdoor enthusiast to manage gear and event promotion for people heading out on trips. We'll need you to manage gear reservation and trip planning requests, show members how to make the most of the gear, and help give them tips to have the best experience possible in the great outdoors.


You’ll work with our growing team of adventurers and have ownership in organizing inventory tools, arranging and displaying gear in the shop, and operating events. You'll also contribute to marketing and promotional efforts for events and have opportunities to participate in trips and sales events out in the field! 

We are a small and dynamic team—as such we often have do many different things to help each other out but we'll want you to take ownership of gear reservations, vibing with customers, organizing the shop, and supporting events. Since you're the first Shop Associate, you'll have the opportunity (but not the expectation) to grow into increased responsibilities, skills, and managerial roles as Gearhouse grows.  We value creative thinkers and self-starters and you’ll have the opportunity from the beginning to dabble in, learn from, and contribute to other aspects of the business that excite you. Team members bringing new thoughts, ideas, and experiments to the table are valued and encouraged!

About You

The ideal candidate will enjoy a variety of PNW outdoor experiences for both winter and summer ranging from hiking to biking to skiing and have customer facing experience. They should enjoy talking to customers and have some entrepreneurial or sales experience or interest. It will be valuable to have experience in multiple outdoor activities, however we don’t expect you to be an expert in everything! We value what you know now and want to help you grow: Gearhouse team members bring a balance of experience in some activities and an excitement to try new things and learn new skills. Gearhouse has a mission-driven focus on creating equitable access and space for historically underrepresented communities in the outdoors. We welcome team members who share the belief that the outdoors is for all, who are dedicated to making the outdoors and the outdoors industry an inclusive place, and who believe there is no wrong way to get outside as long as Leave No Trace is followed.


Minimum qualifications:

  • Weekend and regular evenings at Gearhouse required on a flexible schedule based on a mix of the business and your personal needs, 

  • Ability to obtain a MAST (Mandatory Alcohol Servers Training) Permit required (3.5 hour training), which is a very easy online course. Course fees reimbursed by Gearhouse after acceptance of job offer.


Ideal qualifications: 

  • Familiarity with the natural spaces of the PNW, and excitement for the outdoors, 

  • Experience with maintaining and building basic inventory systems, auto-email marketing tools, and social media management, 

  • Customer service experience, 

  • Basic experience with Excel/Sheets. Data analysis skills appreciated, but not required.


We value passion over experience so all interested parties are encouraged to apply or send questions to regardless of past experience.


Compensation commensurate with experience ranging from $18-$25/hr starting 20 to 40 hours per week with opportunities for expansion of hours, responsibilities, and pay pending successful growth in Gearhouse membership.


As shop associate, you will also have access to available inventory for your own adventures. Hate your pack and want to try a new one? Never tried an inflatable kayak before? Using our gear will help you provide a better customer experience, so we encourage you to take out our stuff!  

Gearhouse believes in work/life harmony and taking care of its employees. Opportunities for advancement and benefits based on Gearhouse’s continued growth and success.​

You will be reporting to and working with Evan, founder of Gearhouse. Evan is an avid outdoorsman who will try just about anything… twice. After 8 years in Seattle he’s found love in everything the PNW has to offer from backcountry skiing to multi-pitch climbing, bikepacking, sailing, backpacking, and kayaking.


How to apply

Email your resume, and a couple of paragraphs on why you’re a good fit for the role to

A week in the job

This is a sample schedule and one we’re willing to refine with candidates as life requires. As Gearhouse and your success in the role grows, we’ll onboard more team members to provide more flexibility and consistent times off.

Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday: Day off -  Chase powder on a crowd free day at Crystal with friends (with a super affordable $80/weekday lift ticket!). On warmer days test out Gearhouse’s fleet of mountain bikes, SUPs, kayaks, or backpacking gear. Or relax at home and take advantage of crowd free beaches, parks, trails, and lakes with any of Gearhouse’s fleet of mountain bikes, SUPs, kayaks, or backpacking gear.

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday Afternoons and Evenings: Open up shop and respond to reservation requests, organize gear, host events and promote existing events. Upgrade tools to make reservation requests and inventory systems more efficient while increasing visibility of gear availability for members via the website.

Saturday: Meet at Gearhouse in the morning to help coordinate gear, carpools, and kickoff an adventure we're hosting this weekend. Attend sales events in the field as needed. 

Sunday Afternoon: Attend Gearhouse’s kayaking/paddleboarding/mountain biking/skiing grill outs and sign-up drives at local parks to introduce people to all the ways to get outside with Gearhouse gear.

Minimum qualifications - Weekend and regular evenings at Gearhouse required. Ability to obtain a MAST (Mandatory Alcohol Servers Training) Permit required (3.5 hour training), which is a very easy online course. Course fees reimbursed by Gearhouse after acceptance of job offer.

Ideal qualifications: Experience maintaining and building basic inventory systems, auto-email marketing tools, social media management, and analyzing membership data in Excel/Sheets.

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