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An adventure community  for your big city life.

 A Seattle Social Club for the Adventurous

Gearhouse is so much more than a Seattle Social Club. It’s a gathering place for adventurers of all experience levels. A place to make new friends, explore the outdoors, learn new skills, and adventure more together, no matter how big or small your gear closet. 

Affordable Outdoor Gear Rentals

Say goodbye to overspending on gear, sacrificing your free time on trip planning, and relying on reluctant friends to join your adventures. Gearhouse was born to accelerate the time it takes to collect specialty gear, learn new skills, and find your adventure pals.  

 Community Centered Adventure 

Community ownership is at the core of Gearhouse. Better than renting & more sustainable than buying, we’ve developed a revolutionary new outdoor industry model that centers around community, sustainability, and accessibility. Breaking down financial, space, and friendship barriers to the outdoors.

Join us.

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A note from the founder
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Evan Maynard
Founder of Gearhouse

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We all moved here to get outside.

But once you're here, most people find three problems:

  1. People here are intense about the outdoors

  2. The gear needed to experience the outdoors is expensive.

  3. And then you need to store it.

That's why we built Gearhouse - to give like-minded folks interested in the outdoors a way to meet, try new things, and get outside without raiding the 401k. 

We've helped hundreds of Seattleites make lifelong friends, get skills to try new things, and save thousands on premium gear! I'd love for you to stop on by. 

Our Sustainability Goals

We can’t enjoy the outdoors if we don’t strive to protect what’s in our backyard. Beyond our focus on increasing the accessibility and affordability of outdoor adventure, reducing carbon admission through carpooling, and decreasing waste by decreasing the amount of gear bought, Gearhouse gives back. We spend 1% of revenue removing CO2 from the atmosphere. More than just eliminating CO2, being an early price-insensitive customer helps new technologies get down the cost curve and scale up allowing for participation by more people. Learn more here.

We also support a variety of groups and not-for-profits with shared values around making the outdoors more accessible.

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