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A mountain town community for your big city life. 

A place to make friends, learn skills, and adventure more, no matter how big or small your gear closet. 

You no longer have to break the bank on gear, spend your precious free time on hours of trip planning, or beg your friends to try a new adventure. Gearhouse was born to accelerate the time it takes to collect specialty gear, learn new skills, and find your adventure pals.  

Better than renting & more sustainable than buying, community ownership is the future.

Gearhouse offers a new outdoor industry model, one that centers around community, sustainability, and accessibility. Breaking down financial, skill, and storage barriers to outdoor activities.


Join us.

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I'm Evan

I've spent the last 8 years trying all the ways you can explore the PNW. From boots to bikes to ropes or skis, you'll find me outdoors year-round. If I'm not at Gearhouse, I'm on the next adventure.


Stop by before taking your next adventure! We guarantee you won't regret it.

Did you know Gearhouse is here for the planet?

Community won't mean much if we're all hiding from wildfire smoke. In addition to reducing the amount of gear people need to buy and the amount of solo car trips people take to the mountains, Gearhouse directly spends 1% of revenue removing CO2 from the atmosphere. More than just eliminating CO2, being an early price-insensitive customer helps new technologies get down the cost curve and scale up allowing for participation by more people. Learn more here.

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