All the Gear, no Gotchas

All of our gear rentals feature:

  • High performance gear: we buy and stock only what experts use, no shitty gear. Always maintained and always the latest features.

  • 6 day rental windows for flexible pick-up and drop-off.

  • All the gear you need to have a great time, tailored to your trip and weather—dry bags, headlamps, radios, medical supplies, pillows, spoons, gaiters, filters, etc. If you have to buy something to finish out the kit, we've failed setting you up.

  • Customized fit: We carry many models and brands to customize gear to different bodies and preferences.

  • Custom trip planning: We'll give you tips to make your specific trip a success from secret restaurants along the way to parking tricks.


How much gear can I take?

Each pass includes all the gear you need for one person to do an adventure and is customized to your trip. If you have to buy something besides food or clothes after visiting us, we've failed.

Can I keep the gear for longer than 6 days?

In some cases, particularly off-season, we can allow longer windows. Let us know what you're trying to do! During peak seasons, we'll have to charge for another borrowing period for longer than 6 day uses.

Are there any minimum commitments or set-up fees with the monthly memberships?

Nope! Your first time, you can cancel any time. No commitments and no set-up fees. If you cancel and want to become a member again, we'll ask for a 6 month minimum. 


Can I change my membership level?

Yes! You can upgrade at any time, however you can only downgrade once per year. This is to prevent abuse—if you have a compelling reason to downgrade (e.g. injury), talk to us! We're a company with a soul and we'll make it right.

How long can I borrow the gear for?

6 days! Don't worry about rushing back to save on the daily rate—bring it back at your convenience for the same price, not when you're exhausted from the trip.

If I'm a member, can I take gear for a friend?

Yes! You can take gear for one person, whether that's you or someone else. If you need gear for more than one person, just use one of the Gear Tickets included in your membership. 

What if I run out of Gear Tickets?

If you're an AdventurePass member, you'll need to upgrade to GearPass. If you're already a GearPass member, you can buy extra Gear Tickets for $40 each.