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Running Outdoors


What is trail running?

Winding forest paths. Rocky trails carved into the mountainside. Steep inclines and lush valleys. Embracing the challenge and exhilaration of conquering new trails. That's trail running.

What is trail running?

Trail running is, at its simplest form, running outside on a trail, usually through forests, mountains, or the wild. Unlike running on paved roads, trail running takes place on varying terrain, from dirt to rocky mountaintops. It can be as simple as a slow jog through the woods on a Sunday or a multi-day marathon around Rainier.

There’s a reason why people love trail running- it takes focus, endurance, and agility to navigate trails when you’re running. It’s also a fun and great way to take your running up a notch. Lace-up your shoes and explore!

Who can do it?

All trail running takes is a ready-for-anything attitude, good shoes, and a water bottle. Anyone can trail run, no matter your running experience. 

Trail running is more physically demanding than running on the street. There are uneven surfaces, elevation changes, and environmental challenges to navigate in the wild. Pay attention to trail difficulty when planning your runs- especially elevation gain/loss, trail reports, and weather.

How do I get started?

The simplest way to get started is to pick a trail, lace up your shoes, grab a water bottle, and head out! If you’re looking for more structure, we’ve created a 25k training plan to get you in shape for one of our favorite races- the Ragnar Relay! (No need to run the race to join our training program!)

Women's Race
Run your first 5k

While we don’t currently have a training plan set up, we recommend starting with a couch-to-5K program.


These programs are designed to help get you to a 5k (that’s 3.2ish miles) safely and can be used on trails or on the road.


Try Discovery park if you’re looking for somewhere nearby to ramp up your trail running practice!!

Spring 25k Trail Running Training program

Join us for our Summer 2024 25K training program! We’ll take you from a comfortable 5k to 25k in 3 months (just in time for the Ragnar Relay, hint hint).


We have a comprehensive plan with solo runs, a weekly workout run with our trail running community, and weekly long runs in the trails along I-90. We’ll plan the workouts and the long run. All you have to do is show up ready to sweat.

Forest Run
Advanced (25K and hungry for more)

The Ragnar Trail - Rainier is back August 23-24th. Join our team and race the trails around Crystal Mountain ski area with breathtaking views of Mt.Rainier. (If you can run a 10k or a half marathon, you can do the Ragnar! And if you're not there yet, you have time to train either with our trail running program or on your own).

Ragnar is a relay race that takes you and seven friends through the mountains, past alpine lakes, waterfalls, and flowing creeks. Cover 120ish miles of trails and 2,700ft of climbing at Crystal Mountain in two days, spending the night camping in Ragnar Village.

Check out our events calendar for all our trail running events and adventures!

Gear you’ll need

Scrambling Gear

Here’s a few things we suggest taking on your trail runs

  • Water: A good rule of thumb for water is to bring 10-27 oz of water per mile, but it depends on your body, how strenuous the trail is, and even the weather. Want to try out a running vest? How about a water filtration kit? Rent one for your next trail run!

  • Good trail running shoes

  • Sunscreen

  • Layers if the weather is questionable

  • Bug spray

  • Snacks for energy (and to enjoy after your run!)

  • Headphones

  • A great playlist

Hone your Craft - Skills Progression

For our events, here is how we classify beginners, intermediate runners, and beyond.

Beginners (0-5k)

You’re either just starting your journey or are on your way to running a comfortable 5K. You’re probably mostly running in Seattle but are interested in venturing out into the trails.

Intermediate (comfortable 5k+)

You’re comfortable running a 5K. You’ve been running for a few months, and you may have some trail experience under your belt. You’re ready for more mileage, have a sense of adventure, and want to explore what your body can do in the wild.

Advanced (25k+, hungry for more)

You’ve been at this for a while. You’re high mileage. You’ve explored WA trails, and you’re hungry for more—more elevation, more adventure, more mileage. (Have you joined our Ragnar relay team yet?)

Mountain Trail

Let's go on an adventure!

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