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Backcountry Skiing &

What is backcountry skiing?

Wild, ungroomed slopes. Unpopulated peaks.
Winter transforms the PNW into a wonderland to explore, accessible only by snow travel.

Backcountry is any terrain that is not “controlled,” like a ski resort. Backcountry travel includes hiking, snowshoeing, skinning, ski touring, and even helicopter tours to hard-to-reach mountain peaks. Powder days with only mountain goats for company — that’s backcountry. Ski resorts use machinery to groom their slopes and trained professionals to help reduce natural hazards within the resort boundary. Travel outside of this boundary and you’re in the backcountry. 

Mountain Landscape

Explore backcountry
with Gearhouse

Learn backcountry basics

Brand new to backcountry? You’re in the right place to get started. Resort-to-Backcountry (affectionately known as R2B) is a self-paced, incremental program to get you from a resort skier to a backcountry rider and make backcountry buddies along the way.


Get the (best) gear

Need an affordable alternative to shelling out thousands on gear (not to mention figuring out where to store it)? You got it! 

We outfit you with everything you need from beacons to packs to boots and skis/boards. (copy can be tweaked)

Components we have:
Boots, Skis, Skins, Collapsing Poles, Avalanche Rescue Shovel, Avalanche Rescue Prove, Personal Locator Beacon, Touring Backpack, Ski helmet, Arcteryx Ski Jacket Shell


Level-up your skills & get avy certified

If you’re dreaming of creating your own far-flung backcountry adventures, step on up. The more safety skills you’ve got under your belt, the farther and wider you can explore backcountry touring. AIARE 1 and AIARE 2 courses will prep you to safely plan and execute backcountry tours in avalanche terrain.


A 6-part clinic and adventure series to get you from resort skiing to backcountry shredding — and make touring pals along the way.

Part 1: New to Backcountry Info Session

Part 2: Try a Guided Backcountry Skiing or Splitboarding Day

Part 3: Learn How to Be a Touring Partner

Part 4: Go Touring with Friends

Part 5: Get Avalanche Training (AIARE I)

Part 6: Learn More Tour Options  (AIARE 2)

Gearhouse Membership

Gearhouse is a membership-based community of adventure lovers just like you. We’ve built two membership options to fit your gear needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Community Membership


  • Access to all Gearhouse events

  • 30% off gear rental

  • 30% off at Basecamp Café (coffee & tea, snacks, beer, wine, kombucha!)

  • 30% off instructional courses

  • 10% off partnership deals

  • Access to GH’s active Slack community

No commitment, cancel anytime.*
*You must return all rented gear before canceling!
*You must wait 4 months to rejoin (this helps create a sense of trust and consistency in our community).

All-Access Membership


  • Everything included in Community Membership plus:

  • All-access gear rental!

  • Free coffee & tea at Basecamp Café

4-month minimum commitment. 

Fees apply if cancelled under 4 months.

Backcountry FAQs

1. Do I need to be an expert rider to go backcountry touring?

2. Is it dangerous? Should I be scared of avalanches?

3. What kind of backcountry snow gear do you rent? 

4. Wait…who are you? What’s Gearhouse?

Still have questions? Shoot us an email at We’d love to chat.

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