Resort to Backcountry Series

Go from resort skier/rider to out-of-bounds powder chaser this season with Gearhouse. We provide a constructive environment to gain the knowledge, the gear, and the friends in one package to get you out-of-bounds as much as possible saving you money at the resort for years to come.

Come find out why everyone is heading for the backcountry as resorts fill up and learn why backcountry is best suited for a peaceful day in the mountains rather than chasing after insane terrain.

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This isn’t your typical barebones AIARE 1 avalanche safety course - we take care of all the details from gear to rides, give you extra days to practice, and get you comfortable in the backcountry. Best of all, we can all but guarantee you’ll end up friends with your classmates regardless of who you knew at the start - something that rarely happens in high-volume AIARE 1 courses.

Ultimately, it’s a risk-free way to try the backcountry before committing to buying $$$$ gear and you’ll get most of your money back in gear savings if you decide to purchase discounted gear at the end of the course.

Part 1: Try Out of Bounds Skiing/Snowboarding - $246
(1 evening session + 2 weekend days)

Part 2: Become certified in Backcountry Travel - $996 (or 4 equal payments of $246 with Klarna)
(4 evening sessions + 4 days in the backcountry across 3 weekends + cabin stay)

Book whole package for $1138 (or 4 equal payments of $285 with Klarna) ($3500 value)

Book just Part 1 for $246 ($425 value)

Course Details

Resort to Backcountry is a multi-day, 2-part program designed to allow you to try out-of-bounds skiing or snowboarding for the first time and then get you certified to go on your own with the friends you make in the program.

Part 1: Try Out of Bounds Skiing/Snowboarding (3 non-consecutive days)

  1. How to convince your mom avalanches don’t have to be scary (at Gearhouse)

  2. How to hike uphill on skis and snowboards + avalanche beacon practice (at Snoqualmie Pass)

  3. Put it all together to try a day in the backcountry

Part 2: Become certified in safe backcountry travel 
(4 after-work Gearhouse sessions + 4 days in the backcountry across 3 weekends)

  1. Get to know your cohort with a social hour at Gearhouse and an intro backcountry day before the certification starts.

  2. Attend 2 evening classroom sessions to learn all about Avalanche Hazard Management (AIARE 1) and backcountry trip planning

  3. Stay in a cabin with your cohort for 2 nights and spend 2 days touring in the backcountry with professional guides learning how to assess terrain for avalanche risk and how to respond and rescue peers in an avalanche emergency.

  4. Finish up the course by planning a final graduation backcountry trip with your cohort


Course also includes:

  1. A dedicated, private slack channel for you and your classmates to plan trips, coordinate carpools, and stay connected all season long.

  2. All gear needed for backcountry travel all season long including:

    1. Skis or Splitboard

      1. Backcountry Skis + Boots + Skins (K2 Wayback 96 skis + Mindbender boots)

      2. Backcountry Splitboard with bindings compatible with your snowboard boots and matching skins (K2 Maurader Splitboard + Farout Split Bindings)

    2. An avalanche beacon, probe, and shovel (Mammut Barryvox Beacon, Probe, and Shovel)

    3. A 30 liter touring backpack to carry avalanche safety gear, skins, and personal items

  3. Option to purchase any touring equipment at 30% off retail value (up to $600 savings) at the end of the season.

By the end you’ll be friends with your cohort as you’ll have spent 4 evenings together planning backcountry travel, planned 2 days of travel on your own, and lived in cabin together for 2 nights. All while having a dedicated, private slack channel for you to chat and stay connected for the entire season.


How good of a skier/rider do I need to be?

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced resort skiers and riders capable of confidently skiing blue square runs in all conditions. Course participants should also be capable of hiking 5-8 miles with 2000 ft of elevation gain with a 20-30 lb pack.

If you’ve been skiing resort for at least a few years and never been out-of-bounds before or been once or twice with friends and wanted to go on your own, then this course is for you!


People that have been in the backcountry at least 1-2 times are welcome to skip straight to Part 2. If we determine you’re not a strong enough skier/rider during the try backcountry days, we’ll offer you an 80% refund for the remaining course.

Who are you guys?!

Gearhouse is a community organization working to build friendships in the outdoors and get you outside more often with less work.

We know that training is only half the battle. Our backcountry offering comes from lived experience - we spent 4 years buying equipment before even trying backcountry. We signed up for an AIARE course hoping to meet other folks interested in backcountry touring but ultimately left disappointed when most in the class already had a group. That left us to convince other friends to follow suit buying gear and taking AIARE classes to go backcountry safely.

Join us as we tackle the community and gear hurdles most face getting into the backcountry. You’ll be glad you did

Evan Maynard
Founder of Gearhouse

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We’re offering 6 cohorts for this class (including a femme+ only cohort!) but are only offering slots in the first two cohorts at this time. We ask that you commit to make at least 80% of the dates for your cohort and then you’re welcome to attend one day with another cohort as a make-up class.

Cohort 1 (6 spots available, December AIARE)

Part 1:
December 1st, 6:30 to 8:30pm at Gearhouse: Why avalanches aren’t scary
December 3rd, 8am to 4pm - Intro to Skinning and Beacon Practice
December 4th, 8am to 4pm - First day in the backcountry

Part 2:
December 6th, 6:30 to 8:30pm at Gearhouse: Plan a day tour in the backcountry
December 10th: Cohort intro tour

AIARE 1 Avalanche Hazard Management Course Dates:

December 13-14 (evening classroom 5 to 9pm at Gearhouse) December 16th/17th - stay at cabin December 17-18 (field dates)

January 7th: Graduation backcountry trip

Did you know that 1% of Gearhouse revenue goes to removing CO2 from the atmosphere?