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Welcome to The Gearhouse Seattle Hiking Club

Updated: Apr 30

Seattle Hiking Club

Whether you're new to the city, have been here for years, or were born and raised in Seattle, chances are you've experienced the "Seattle Freeze." For the uninitiated, the "Seattle Freeze" is a perceived social coldness or reluctance to form new relationships or friendships with newcomers or outsiders. While Seattle is not unique in that newcomers find it hard to break into social circles, the coldness feels particularly bitter with our rainy climate and long winters. If you are eager to get outside and explore the Pacific Northwest but need an outdoor-inclined friend group, head to Gearhouse, Seattle's first and only social club centered around the outdoors and open to beginners through experts. Beyond our outdoor gear rentals, we've started the Gearhouse Seattle Hiking Club for weekly outings, training, and more.

Gearhouse Seattle Hiking Club Events

Seattle Group HIke

The Who: The Gearhouse Seattle Hiking Club is ideal for anyone looking to spend more time outdoors, familiarize themselves with popular hiking trails near Seattle, or build endurance for a backpacking trip. If you're curious about joining a group hike, head to our website and click on our events calendar to find an outing that fits your schedule. As the spring sun melts, the snow in the mountains and days become sunnier and longer, so we'll host more weekly hiking events. Beyond weekly training hikes for our members, our members-only Slack is filled with impromptu outings on weeknights and weekends.

What to Expect from Our Weekly Conditioning Hikes

Hiking in Washington

The How: Our Weekly Conditioning Hikes are designed to help our members train for hiking, scrambling, mountaineering, and backpacking, all of which are physically demanding and require preparation. If you're joining a conditioning hike, expect to push your pace on a challenging trail, but we make sure to keep hikes accessible to many ability levels. If you aren’t sure about joining a hike, you can always check with our knowledgeable staff, who can help you evaluate where your skills are at and the best next steps to get ready for your next outdoors goal. Members can also join our Intro to Scrambling program, which includes a midweek "workout" hike. Our midweek conditioning hikes take members to some of the most challenging trails in the I-90 corridor to build towards your hiking, scrambling mountaineering, and backpacking goals. Our conditioning often hikes meet at Basecamp Cafe and carpool to the mountains, making car-free hiking in the Cascades possible. 

What to Bring for a Group Hike or Conditioning Hike

Group Hike

The What: Be sure to pack appropriately for the length and difficulty of the hike. At a minimum, you should wear active and unrestrictive clothing (preferably not cotton; synthetics and natural fibers like merino wool are great) and bring plenty of drinking water and snacks. As the days get warmer, we advise bringing sun protection, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. You’ll want a small pack and 10 essentials and may want to consider a pair of trekking poles – all available at Gearhouse if you don’t already have your own.

Other Hiking Activities

Hike near Seattle

In addition to weekly conditioning hikes and group day hike outings, Gearhouse members also have access to various events and outings to help you make the most of the Washington wilderness. Join the Gearhouse team and the Washington Trail Association for Hiking Adventure Planning event at Basecamp Cafe on May 30th at 7:00 PM. At this event, Gearhouse members will learn from hiking experts about utilizing WTA's free resources for spring and summer hikes and backpacking trip planning in the Cascades, Olympics, and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or new to the area, expect practical advice and inspiration for your next outdoor adventure.

If you're looking for a new hiking group, want to improve your endurance for an upcoming adventure, or want to get to know our trails in Washington, join Gearhouse, Seattle's only outdoor social club. Stay tuned to the Gearhouse Calendar for upcoming Seattle Hiking Club events.

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