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The Gearhouse Guide to the Best Mountain Bike Trails Near Seattle

As the only Seattle social club for outdoorsy people, we’ll be the first to tell you that Seattle is one of the most underrated mountain towns in the country. With access to nature in all directions, Seattle isn’t just the adventure capital of the PNW. It’s one of the best adventure cities in the country. Seattle has something for every outdoor passion, whether you’re a ski bum, a diver, a climber, a cyclist, and so much more. As temperatures begin to rise and the snow in the Cascades starts to melt, we’re slowly putting away our skis and dusting off our mountain bikes in preparation for spring and summer. Gearhouse not only has the inside scoop on the best mountain bike trails near Seattle, but we also have top-of-the-line mountain bike rentals and group rides for all levels. Dive in below for The Gear House Guide to the Best Mountain Bike Trails Near Seattle.

Mountain Bike Trails Near Seattle for All Levels: Tiger Mountain

Mountain Biking Tiger Hill
Image Credit: Washington Department of Natural Resources

Tiger Mountain has some of the best bikeable trails near Seattle and is just a short one-hour drive from the city. With 20 miles of total trails ranging from rugged climbing trails to work up a sweat and expert-rated downhill trails to test your skills, Tiger Mountain proves, time and time again, to be one of the best locations for mountain bike trails near Seattle. While some of Tiger Mountain’s trails and undoubtedly expert-only terrain, the mountain offers something for every level of rider. Popular rides include the East River Summit, Preston Railroad Grade, Iverson, Silent Swamp, and more. Trails are always subject to closure, so be sure to check trail conditions before heading out. Gearhouse’s friendly staff always have the latest on local trail conditions.

Mountain Bike Trails for Beginner Riders: Duthie Hill

Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
Image Credit: Seattle Times

Duthie Hill is perhaps the best collection of mountain bike trails near Seattle for beginners to practice the basics and progress toward more intermediate rides. Duthie Hill offers riders 120 acres of mountain bike-specific terrain with loads of easy beginner and intermediate-friendly trails. Green trails like Bootcamp are ideal for new riders to get a feel for things before heading out on longer blue loop trails. Duthie’s trail system is relatively compact, so you never stray too far from where you park, making the hill easy to navigate for new riders.

Mountain Bike Trails for Intermediate Riders: Raging River

Raging River Mountain Bike Park
Image Credit: MTB Project

Just a stone’s through from the city, located in the Rattle Snake Mountain area, the Raging Riveroffers 40-plus miles of mountain bike trails near Seattle. Created by the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, Raging River boasts a variety of trails with tons of selection for all levels. The bread and butter of Raging River is the original Lollipop loop. The backside of Raging River Mountain should be accessed with caution as it is deep backcountry with limited cell service.

Mountain Bike Trails for Views: Olallie

Olallie State Park Mountain Bike Trails
Image Credit: Washington Trail Association

Olallie offers riders incredible views, tons of vertical, and year-round access. Located just past the popular Rattle Snake Ledge Hiking trail about 40 minutes from the city, Olallie is a bidirectional trail that you can climb and climb as far as you wish. The further you climb, the more downhill you get to enjoy on the way down. The first few miles of the trail climb through dense forests before they turn east and travel up Mount Washington with several cliffy overlooks that offer riders stunning views as rewards for their hard work.

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner. Get the mountain gear you need for sunny days in the mountains from Gearhouse. Gearhouse offers a selection of premium hardtail mountain bikes and bike racks to make your day in the mountains as easy as possible. Rent gear and venture out on your own or join Gearhouse for a group ride. Ready to head further afield? Our expert staff can also help find the best trails for your level in Leavenworth, the Methow Valley, Roslyn, Bellingham, and beyond.

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