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Burnout in the Outdoors - and how Gearhouse can help

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Burnout can happen in any area of our lives. We can burnout from work, we can burnout from caring too much. We can burnout worrying about the world or what we are doing with our lives.

We can also burnout from our busy, outdoors lifestyles filled with hours of night driving, early mornings, chasing summits, and days without a shower.

July 4th weekend is the busiest weekend of the year for us here at Gearhouse. The gear shop is always almost completely empty. Everyone wants to get into the sun, on to the water and out with friends and family. It is awesome to see. So many members tried camping or backpacking or paddleboarding for the first time this weekend. By the sound of things, many loved it.

Lots of our members spent time with family, or had an adventure with friends. And almost everyone got a lot of time outside. That's what being in the outdoors is about: being in the elements, moving our bodies and sharing these experiences with others. And all of that takes a lot of energy.

So we are here to help. Gearhouse is designed to support your outdoors lifestyle. And that includes the times when we need to rest. So during July, we give you permission to take some breaks. And we've got a number of events to help you do just that.

Come sip a beer and enjoy the secret sounds of a SoFar Sounds concert on a Friday night. Meet other members and enjoy an evening of intimate tunes.

Want to take your downtime outdoors anyway? No problem.

Head out this weekend to Leavenworth for a campout with Gearhouse. Climbing is great in the area, and if you just want to kick it in a hammock or around a fire, you can get your rest in that way too!

However you need to look out for yourself this summer, we'll be here for you.

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