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What is mountain biking (MTB)?

If you love pedaling around town and to the beach and if you love hiking and spending time outdoors, why not combine the two and give mountain biking a try? Mountain biking is cycling off-road in rough terrain that may include rocks and roots, typically on narrower trails similar to hiking, though generally not as steep or rough as a lot of PNW hiking trails. Mountain biking can improve your overall bike riding skills and confidence.

Join the Gearhouse on bi-weekly guided mountain bike rides - we have the bikes and can help you get to the trail head. We switch each week between a beginner ride and more intermediate trails.

Getting Started Mountain Biking 

There are several places in the PNW to try mountain biking for a variety of skill levels. If you're familiar with the international system, ski areas rate ski and snowboarding slopes, figuring out where to start is fairly easy once you know where to look. This system is subjective so use good judgment, check this link on how the rating system works. If you are heading out on your own check out the Evergreen MTB Alliance trail wiki, Trail Forks or MTB Project to find a suitable trail.



Join Gearhouse on bi-weekly rides, we have the bikes and can help you get to the trailhead. We switch each week between a beginner ride and a beginner/intermediate ride where we will explore trails further afield.

What you'll need to start mountain biking


Book a bike for your next ride!

Gear house has a fleet of Hardtail Mountain Bikes. That means the fork has suspension, but the rear end of the bike is fixed. You're welcome to bring your own bike, but make sure it is ready to go and will pass a safety check before you to bring it out.

Additionally, you will need a helmet that meets CPSC standards. Not necessary, but a nice addition is a pair of Knee pads and full fingered gloves.


Mountain Bikes

We carry Hardtail Mountain Bikes in various sizes.

bike bag.jpeg


Hiking and biking backpacks to carry your essentials!


Bike Racks

Bike racks help you get your gear out onto the trail!

Upcoming Events

Where and when to go Mountain Biking in Washington

Knowing where to get started can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are several world class trail systems just a quick drive from Seattle. Here is short list of beginner and intermediate riding area nearby. While not comprehensive it will get you out there building your skills.

Beginner-Friendly Mountain Bike Trails: (Green Dot)

Duthie Hill MTB Park

Soaring Eagle County Park

Saint Edwards St. Park

Intermediate Friendly Mountain Bike Trails: (Blue Square)

Duthie Hill MTB Park

Raging River State Forest

Grand Ridge Trail

Tiger Mountain

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