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Gear Pass

Trips up to 6 days


Per-trip fee


- 6-day gear rental for one person for one sport

- Full Service Trip Planning

- Access to Events

* Longer periods may be possible; contact us to learn more about our custom Expedition Packages

All about Gearhouse Gear Pass:

Our Gear Pass is the perfect way to try out Gearhouse. One-time fee covers all the gear you need for one sport. Plus you’ll get access to our event during your Gear Pass period in case you have a free evening and want to meet some new adventure buddies. 

​Gear Pass includes:

  • All-inclusive gear for a Gearhouse event or your own adventures

    • ​Gear for one person for one adventure: 

      • ​Choose from modern, lightweight camping, backpacking, mountaineering, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing

  • Our Full Service Trip Planning service, which helps make sure you've got all the road, permit, and trail information needed for success and are ready to escape the city and have an awesome trip. 

  • Unlimited access to Gearhouse events for the duration of your Gear Pass if you have an evening or day free and want to meet other adventurers

  • Multi-package discount: 10% for same household members going on the same trip, or if you're doing multiple sports on one trip (want a paddle board for your lakeside car camping adventure? That'll be two Gear Passes. Two people going on an overnight mountaineering trip? That'll be two Gear Passes). 

  •  10% off delicious backpacking / camping snacks and meals. 

How it works

  1. Email us or call to confirm Gear Pass availability for your sport of choice (not all sports may be available during peak periods)

    • Be sure to include the date you are looking for, your sport of choice, and number of individuals. ​

  2. Book your Gear Pass, if availability is confirmed. Our team will send you a unique link to book if you inquire by email.  

  3. Let us know about your trip and we'll pick the perfect gear for you, or build your own package. Don't forget, each person needs their own Gear Pass!

  4. Stop by Gearhouse's Capitol Hill location to grab your gear and have an amazing adventure.

The fine print:

- 72 hours advance notice required for booking. No day-of rentals for non-members. 

- During peak season, Gear Passes may be limited. Members are our #1 priority, and you can always join if a Gear Pass is not available for your desired trip. 

- Maximum two Gear Passes per person per year; if you're needing gear more often, a membership just makes cents

- Festival camping Gear Passes are available on select dates and will incur an additional $50 use charge + up to $700 damage deposit. 

Join Us Instead!

Season Pass holders and Gearhouse Members get: 

  • Unlimited gear rentals*

    • Join as a Member to get unlimited access to all our premium gear including bikes and skis​

  • Unlimited Full Service Trip Planning

  • Co-working access to our Capitol Hill location

  • Food and beverage discounts (20%!)

  • Unlimited adventures + courses, cabin trips, Leavenworth weekends, and more

    • ​A mix of free and affordably priced adventures to meet every level​​

  • Partner discounts

Gear Pass FAQs

  • Is Gear Pass available for all gear? 
    • Gear Pass can be used for camping, mountaineering, backpacking, snowshoeing, stand up paddleboarding, and cross-country skiing 
    • To access our premium gear, including mountain bikes, backcountry skis, and splitboards, join as a Gearhouse Member instead
  • How early can I make a reservation? 
    • We accept reservations up to 1 month in advance. We can't guarantee a specific model, but have a wide variety of sizes and models to best fit your body and experience level. 
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