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Director of Business Development, Marketing, and Growth

Eagerly waiting for your application . . 

Our purpose

Welcome to Gearhouse! We’re here to upend the archaic retail/rental model by building community around rental. Started in September 2021, Gearhouse is on a mission to increase affordable, equitable, and easy access to the outdoors while providing an alternate option to buying and storing large amounts of gear. We want to reduce our planet-killing consumption habits while improving how people experience the outdoors. We believe that facilitating community, expertise, and convenient and premium gear access will reduce consumption while increasing access through affordability, convenience, and fun both for experienced and new folks alike. 

We aim to introduce and develop a love of the outdoors for those new to exploring while also providing opportunities and paths for those already dabbling to develop more skills and expand their limits. We’re also providing outdoorsy folks with a welcoming place to gather, share their experience, and build relationships with like-minded adventure buddies.

Gearhouse is growing by more than 50% each month and we’re looking to expand our reach and revenue. We want talented and excited team members to bring their prior experience to Gearhouse and grow with us. 


The Job

This job is all about growing Gearhouse product offerings, revenue, and membership. Exactly how is up to you. You'll need to experiment to figure out what people want, where and how to find customers, and how to adapt the product in a way that gets people signed-up and keeps them engaged - essentially you’ll do whatever it takes to grow  Gearhouse as fast as possible. 

This is an opportunity to have free-reign over your day-to-day and deliver pure results without corporate style oversight while several other team members focus on operations. You’ll be reporting directly to Evan, founder of Gearhouse, while having the freedom and autonomy to experiment widely with sales tactics, partnerships, and product development.

Come build the greatest thing to happen to the outdoors since the outdoors while leaving your mark on the gear retailing industry.

About you

The ideal candidate has dabbled in or enjoys a variety of outdoor sports. You’re an independent, entrepreneurial person, who has 1-2 years of experience with non-digital and digital marketing and 1 year in a customer-facing role. You like being around people and thrive in group environments.

The ideal candidate will use a combination of gut instinct and data driven insights to inform rapid product iteration and experimentation, leverage proven marketing methods, guerilla marketing tactics, and creative methods to drive word of mouth, engagement and ultimately growth while staying true to the mission of creating a welcoming environment reducing consumption.

You should enjoy digging into data, talking to customers, and marketing events in person while hustling to do what it takes to get the job done all while creating tools that allow the growth to continue to accelerate. You recognize that big things start small and step one is solving today’s problems before worrying about tomorrow’s. 

Gearhouse team members bring a balance of experience in some activities and an excitement to try new things and learn new skills. Gearhouse has a mission-driven focus on creating equitable access and space for historically underrepresented communities in the outdoors. We welcome team members who share the belief that the outdoors is for all and there is no wrong way to get outside as long as Leave No Trace is followed.

1-3 years in an early stage startup or fast-paced entrepreneurial environment is valued however we look for hustle, drive, and creativity over experience. All interested candidates should apply or extend questions to


A week in the job

This is a sample schedule and one we’re willing to refine with candidates as life requires. As Gearhouse and your success in the role grows, we’ll onboard more team members to provide more flexibility and consistent times off. The tasks will likely change dramatically week to week as Gearhouse’s path and product offerings evolve.

Sunday evening/Monday/Tuesday: Day off -   Chase powder on a crowd free day at Crystal with friends (with a super affordable $80/weekday lift ticket!). On warmer days test out Gearhouse’s fleet of mountain bikes, SUPs, kayaks, or backpacking gear. Or relax at home and take advantage of crowd free beaches, parks, trails, and lakes with any of Gearhouse’s fleet of mountain bikes, SUPs, kayaks, or backpacking gear.

Wednesday: Conduct customer interviews, analyze how members and visitors are using Gearhouse, web traffic and reservation request data for demand signals and product themes, and pursue partnerships for growth. Mix and mingle with visitors at Gearhouse to gather data and test sales pitches while guests arrive for the weekly evening educational event

Thursday:  Develop marketing tactics, events, materials and strategies. Visit strategic partners, and post flyers for marketing. Update website (via drag and drop editors, no coding required) based on customer interviews, insights, product offerings,

Friday: Prep for weekend live promotional events. Be at Gearhouse during the afternoon and evening to help outfit weekend adventurers and help members and guests plan trips.

Saturday/Sunday: Host and put on Gearhouse’s kayaking/paddleboarding/mountain biking/skiing grill outs, promotional events, and sign-up drives at local parks to introduce people to all the ways to get outside with Gearhouse gear.



Compensation commensurate with experience and may include $3200/month ($40k/year) + bonuses tied to membership signups, retention, engagement, and revenue + equity vesting on a 4 year schedule. Opportunities for raises pending successful growth while Gearhouse bootstraps or raises funding. 

Gearhouse believes in work/life harmony and taking care of its employees. Opportunities for advancement and benefits based on Gearhouse’s continued growth and success.

You will be reporting directly to the CEO and founder of Gearhouse. Evan is an avid outdoorsman who will try just about anything… twice. After 8 years in Seattle he’s found love in everything the PNW has to offer from backcountry skiing to multi-pitch climbing, bikepacking, sailing, backpacking, and kayaking. 

How to apply

Email your resume, examples of relevant work (if applicable), and a couple of paragraphs on why you’re a good fit for the role to