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Backcountry Options

Gearhouse has lots of options to get you out of the resort - from the most convenient weekend rental you'll ever experience to AIARE avalanche certification to full service Resort to Backcountry Cohort based clinics. Check it all out below!

Rent Splitboards, Touring Skis w/ Boots, or
just Avalanche Safety Gear, touring backpacks, and kits!​


Piece together what's missing or get a full set to tag along with a friend! Our 4-day rentals are the best deal in town even against others' 2-day rentals but if you think someone has us beat, we'll price match any rental shop in Seattle. 

Want an even better deal? Check out our membership discounts for 30-80% off your rental.

Top quality gear, complete kits, 4 day rental and beer during pickup and dropoff.

What are you waiting for?  Book here!

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How good of a skier/rider do I need to be?

Backcountry travelers need to be at least intermediate to advanced resort skiers and riders capable of confidently skiing blue square runs in all conditions. Course participants should also be capable of hiking 5-8 miles with 2000 ft of elevation gain with a 20-30 lb pack.

If you’ve been skiing resort for at least a few years and never been out-of-bounds before or been once or twice with friends and wanted to go on your own, then this course is for you!


People that have been in the backcountry at least 1-2 times are welcome to skip straight to Part 2. If we determine you’re not a strong enough skier/rider during the try backcountry days, we’ll offer you an 80% refund for the remaining course.

Who are you guys?!

Gearhouse is a community organization working to build friendships in the outdoors and get you outside more often with less work.

We know that training is only half the battle. Our backcountry offerings come from lived experience - we spent 4 years buying equipment before even trying backcountry. We signed up for an AIARE course hoping to meet other folks interested in backcountry touring but ultimately left disappointed when most in the class already had a group. That left us to convince other friends to follow suit buying gear and taking AIARE classes to go backcountry safely.

Join us as we tackle the community, education, and gear hurdles most face getting into the backcountry. You’ll be glad you did!

How we stack up

Evan Maynard
Founder of Gearhouse

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